• During complex spinal and neurosurgical procedures such as Deformity/Fixation or tumour surgery - there is increased risk of intragenic injury to the nervous system. 

  • Spinal Cord Monitoring is an early warning system which is used to prevent temporary or permanent damage, from paraesthesia to paralysis.  It allows the surgical team to adapt its strategy in relation to changes in monitoring

  • It is done by placing electrodes on the patients arms and legs before surgery. Waveforms are recorded from the patient throughout surgery which show that the signals travelling to and from the brain are intact and that no damage is occuring to the nervous system


  • The use of spinal cord monitoring in recent years has become more widely used, becoming one of the fastest growing aspects of intra-operative techniques. 


  • We comply with the British Society of Clinical Neurophysiology’s (BCSN) monitoring guidelines


  • We are all members of the only society dedicated to monitoring in the U.K – NeuroMonitoring UK. The society’s aim is to promote excellence in neuromonitoring

  • Spinal Cord Monitoring limited has comprehensive product, public and professional indemnity insurance 

Established 2013